I very much like to do things that I like, and I don’t like doing the things that I don’t. However, I also don’t like not liking things without good reason, so I try to consciously contradict myself just to try something I think I’ll dislike. It’s confusing, but bear with me.

In the end I’ll either be pleasantly surprised and find that to some degree I like the subject in question or I’ll be satisfied in the knowledge that actually I don’t like the subject, but I’m open-minded?

If I don’t read, then I won’t sleep

I’d just finished the lord of the rings trilogy and didn’t have another read immediately lined up. I struggle to sleep and reading is the only thing that really helps. All I could find in my library was Pride and Prejudice, which is free for Amazon Prime users. I guess I thought I’d download it as a planned “conscious contradiction” to a book I assume isn’t aimed at my demographic, therefore shouldn’t like.

Jane Austen is an elegant writer, a real master of literacy. But, the subject matter is duller than dull

The first 50% of the book pretty much reinforced my belief that I was going to dislike this book. A period romance novel primarily focused on who the most eligible suiters were that one may become engaged too isn’t really my wheelhouse. Further more Mrs. Bennet is a total tool of a woman and is highly intolerable when she appears to give her 2 cents, as she often does.

One aspect of the book I have found interesting, if not also a little taxing at times, is the incredible use of the English language. Jane Austin was quite a master and I guess even a simple subject can be dressed up with the right packaging.

If all you occupy yourself with is marriage you will ultimately devalue it

You can’t help but consider the grandeur of period described and what it would be like to live in such luxury (whilst avoiding as many balls and dances as possible). It seems wholly wasted on the characters in this book who seem to devote their every waking moment to moaning about who they want to hook up with or who has been slagging off who. In the end the whole idea of getting married feels pretty boring – I wonder what they’ll do once they’ve achieved it?

A good read in the end

The story seemed to be following quite a predictable path, which overall did come to fruition, but I have to admit the second half of the book was enjoyable. A few surprises kept me interested, but ultimately finding out how things would end was what kept me from putting the book down prematurely.

I won’t be searching out another romance or period novel intentionally for some time, but I’m satisfied that I gave this one a go and it was “OK”.

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