I’m Joseph D’Souza, and I’m a web developer.

Based in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, England, near High Wycombe, I work out of a cabin in my garden as a professional web developer for Alpha Labs and general freelance web designer. I’ve been developing websites professionally since 2010, but the first time I deployed something to the internet was back in 2000.

I love my job thoroughly and I know this because if it wasn’t a paid profession, I would probably still be tinkering away, programming in some capacity regardless.

I’m also blessed to have two children and a loving wife. I’m a semi-retired gamer for now, but will hopefully return in time. Life is good.

However, there are just times you are mardy and you can’t help it. Well, this little corner of the internet is where all my mardy is going to be stored. Read at your own risk.