Every now and then the quirky website I learned HTML from pops into my mind and whenever I Google it, I find that it still exists and remains unchanged. Not even one update since 1999. Don’t you dare ask if it’s mobile compatible.

I don’t know why someone has kept it going.

It’s not actually a very good resource to learn from. Even at the time, back in 1999-2000 when I first began to learn HTML I probably should have passed it up to find something a little more professionally taught. It’s also quite a hard feat to attempt to teach HTML whilst trying to avoid any instruction of CSS, but Funky Chickens HTML Help! give it a good go.

Looking through some of the code snippets and examples on the site today, I find it hard to believe that anyone would dream of using an alert window to welcome visitors as a Javascript example. I don’t suppose 1999 was considered a notable year for usability though, so: WELCOME TO MY SITE!

Now this web development tutorial is the real deal

Recently, my wife completed a modern web development tutorial for beginners. It effectively brings you from zero knowledge and walks you through the entire process of creating a basic responsive website.

The background and foundations laid as part of that tutorial really bring the bigger picture together and when you come to actually build something you have real knowledge pulling you towards the solution. If you are interested in a HTML & CSS course for beginners, check out Shay Howe’s “Learn to code HTML & CSS”

turned on laptop computer

It was fascinating to have conversations with my wife during this time as the types of questions we were discussing were advanced and somewhat unexpected, especially compared to the relatively basic thoughts I had mustered when I begun my learnings with Funky Chickens.

Thank you Funky Chickens

I wonder how many people learnt their HTML basics from funky chickens? How many seeds has that website planted in the minds of its students who eventually go on to become web professionals, perhaps even going on to span multiple languages and disciplines. Well, at least one and that in itself is rather impressive. Long live funky chickens.

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I'm Joseph D'Souza, an experienced .NET developer with a speciality in Umbraco and WordPress development. I'm proud to be the Director of Alpha Labs, a leading web development firm based in High Wycombe. Also, a happy family man with a loving wife and two beautiful children.

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